Best Time to Book Flights

Books flightsThis article will give you an insight on when is the best time for booking flights, and other tips to cut down the airfare.

 If you plan to travel and want to learn how to save money on the airfare, then a bit of planning before a month can greatly help you to save a lot of bucks. Certain rules and regulations of airline companies change as the time of the flight comes closer, and knowing when the flight tickets are cheapest can help. Here are pointers that will help you understand the best time to book flights online and other travel tips that will help you save money on airfare.

Best Time to Book a Flight & Other Tips

1. The right time to book airline flights is 21 days before your departure date. So, don’t wait till the last day, because airline and most travel sites give a bigger discount to people who book their tickets before 21 days. After this time period the ticket prices can change. The most expensive airfare rates are found 14 days or later. So, any day that is 21 days before the departure date is the best time to find dirt cheap flights.
2. Also, booking online the ticket on site of the airline or travel sites will give a bigger discount and cheaper airfare price, because this saves the overhead cost of printing and handling a paper ticket.
3. According to travel professionals the best time to book cheap flight online is during mid-January to end February, April to May and during the fall from mid-September to mid-December.
4. There is nothing as such the best day to book flights. So, 22-23 days before keep checking the flight tickets, in the early morning, in the noon, in the evening and near midnight. If you see any difference on a site, then on the 21st day book ticket on that particular time.
5. Also, while booking tickets online, keep checking out different sites to find best and cheap airfare. Most people tend to use Travelocity or Expedia, but keep checking the individual airline sites which sometimes offer low airfare too.
6. Also, if you are planning to go for a vacation, for example looking for cheap flights to Vegas, then fly on Tuesday or Wednesday, as these days the rush to such places is less, which makes them cheapest days to fly. Also, booking hotels along with flight can avail you more discount. Booking air, car and hotel can give you even further discount.
7. If you are a student or in the defense services, then you can get even further discount.
Booking return ticket can also avail you further discount, and help you to buy cheap airline tickets.
8. If you are planning on a vacation, then booking for an off-season time will give you more discount. As airlines and tourist locations want people to travel to these destination during the off-season time too. Also, consider changing your departure date a day or two before, as this can make difference in the ticket price. Same goes for the return journey ticket.
9. Sometimes, booking a flight ticket just an hour or two before the departure of the flight can also avail you a huge discount. But, to book for such flight tickets you will need to book the ticket at the airport directly.

So, go to travel sites and check out the dates of flight tickets which are 21 days ahead or a day or two after today, and you will see the difference in rates. Another way to save on air tickets, is to collect points or miles. If you are a frequent flyer you can collect the miles, and then redeem them to get a discount on your next flight ticket. You can also collect points on your credit card and then use it to get discounts on air ticket. So, use these tips, and book cheaper flight tickets.

Finding the Right Travel Agent

Right Travel AgentGenerally, fun and relaxation are the main aims of a vacation, but in the absence of right planning, everything can go wrong. Hiring a travel agent enables you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, without worrying much about the planning and budget. This article brings you some practical tips to help you find the right travel agent.

Planning a fulfilling vacation can be a challenging task; however, the introduction of several travel websites, have seemingly made it much easier for people. While numerous people opt to choose their destination and make all the bookings online, it is needless to say that even the best laid plans with regard to a self-booked holiday may go haywire and lead eventually to sheer disaster, due to reasons such as insufficient research, etc. In such a case, you not only end up ruining all your fun, but also your time and money. The best way to avoid this unpleasant, unwanted situation is to hire a good, reputed travel agent who will be able to help you plan your entire trip, and also make sure that it is completely free of hassles.

Some people think that planning a vacation on your own helps save a substantial amount of money, as it automatically eliminates the use of travel agent, the so-called middleman. While this might hold true in certain cases, we say that planning your vacation via a travel agent can actually help you obtain better, cheaper deals, thus, saving you from breaking the bank. An experienced travel agent will also be able to aid you in designing a feasible and practical itinerary, and provide tips with respect to choosing accommodations, renting private vehicles, and so on. Plus, you will get personalized attention while planning your vacation, as all your queries will be addressed then and there. However, it needs to be remembered that there are several traps out there in the market and so, it becomes extremely important to make a good and a wise choice from the countless travel agencies that are there. Buzzle brings you some vital tips to help you choose a right travel agent, in order to ensure a great vacation.

Pen Down Your Expectations

Before going out to search for an appropriate travel agent to help you plan a perfect vacation for you, it is vital that you know exactly what you want, or what kind of services you expect from the agency. Unless you are absolutely sure about your own needs and demands, it will be very difficult to find the right travel agency. Note that some travel agents specialize in organizing some specific kinds of vacations, such as family tours, pilgrimages, wildlife safaris, etc. So, it may also be vital to recognize the exact nature and purpose of your holiday, before starting with your quest.

Do In-depth Research

With numerous established travel agencies and many more coming into existence each day, it may become rather confusing to choose the ones that suit your needs. Adequate and in-depth research is the solution to this problem. Use the Internet, inquire with your friends and acquaintances, and refer to local magazines and newspapers. If you know people who have hired any travel agent in the past, it is also a good idea to get in touch with them, and inquire about the services offered, money charged, priority given to customer satisfaction, and so on.

Narrow Down Your Search Results

Shortlist the ones that best suit your needs and demands and only then, go ahead and contact them. Your narrowed down list should depend on several criteria such as the services offered, the overall experience, the money charged, the location of the agency, and so on. No matter which of the above parameters (or others) you lay most emphasis on, do not forget to check the agent’s reputation and goodwill in the market.

Check if the Agency is Registered

You have conducted an in-depth research and have shortlisted some of your prospective travel agents, it is now time to check which of them are registered with the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). ASTA is an organization that regulates the practices and activities of travel agents throughout the United States. A registration with ASTA indicates that a given travel agency has a good market standing. On the contrary, if it is unregistered, it indicates that either the agency holds a bad reputation or it is a completely new establishment that lacks adequate experience and knowledge.

Get in Touch and Ask the Right Questions

After checking the registration details, you can now get in touch with the agencies that you feel are the best for you. These days, most travel agents have their own websites, and you can contact them via email; however, speak to them or meeting face-to-face is a much better idea. It is essential that you ask the right questions like how the agency obtains discounts from travel providers, or how they earn their commissions, etc. A good travel agent will be more than happy to answer all your queries satisfactorily and patiently. It is best to stay away from the ones who avoid answering your questions, or are not patient or courteous enough.

Let the Agent Ask You Questions

While conversing with a prospective travel agent, it is essential that he/she gets to know about your needs and expectations. For this, it is obvious that a good travel agent will ask you certain questions about your travel destination, the duration of your stay, your overall budget, and so on. You, on your part, will need to be as frank and honest as you can so that he/she gets a clear idea about the kind of vacation you are looking forward to. Remember that an experienced travel agent will always ask you questions, and tell you what is possible and what is not. Avoid the one who does not do so.

Ask for Personal References

In order to confirm that you are about to hire a right travel agent, do not hesitate to ask him/her for references of previous customers. It is an extremely good idea to contact some of these people personally, and ask them about their experiences with the agent and the agency’s services. While a good travel agency will have nothing much to hide, and will happily provide you with personal references, the one that hesitates or avoids doing so, should not be hired.

Review the Written Agreement Carefully

First and foremost, making a written agreement with your travel agent is very important. It not only binds both the parties on certain terms and conditions, but also ensures that complete transparency is maintained in the entire dealing. When your travel agency makes an agreement, it is very important that you read and understand it properly. If you have any doubt, it is advisable to even consult a contract attorney and get the agreement reviewed. Look specifically for restrictive clauses, and inquire if the agency can amend some of them, according to your convenience. Moreover, ensure that the agency provides you with a written agreement before you make any payments so that you can rethink on your decision, if required. Do not hire an agency that asks you to pay before making an agreement, or does not make a written agreement at all.

While a good travel agent will make every possible effort to help you spend an enjoyable and a comfortable vacation, it is vital to see that you do not end up busting your budget by choosing an agent who provides all required services, but is expensive. ‘Cheap’ may not be the aim all the time, on the contrary, it is better to opt for a travel agent who offers good value for money.

Holiday Destinations on a Budget

Holiday Destinations on a BudgetMany of us keep our travel plans aside because traveling and saving do not go along successfully. Contrary to this belief, you can always enjoy more by giving in less. There are many travel destinations in this world that are famous for their amazing attractions, wonderful climate, delightful cuisine and much more. Above all, despite your limited budget, you’ll still be able to explore them.

So the next time you’re traveling in a limited budget, lift your chin high because we have a collection of some spectacular travel destinations.

1. Bali
You must have heard of Bali being popular for a luxurious destination. However, it is also a great choice when traveling in a budget. There are endless attractions to be explored in Bali and tourists are left with limitless choices. Bali is a mind blowing island where you’ll find the best of both worlds. Eat, love, pray and do so much more! If you are a nature lover, there is no better experience than to witness the sunrise and sunset in Bali. For sunset, Ulluwatu Temple is one of the most popular spots. The gigantic temple is located on the limestone cliff and offers breathtaking view. The Kecak Dance taking place at the sunset is also a unique sight. Bali is also home to wonderful villages with vast rice paddies. You might be on your bicycle, car or even by foot; it is a delight to explore them. Mount Batur looks heavenly, especially when you arrive there just in time for sunrise. Last but not the least, the marvelous beaches of Bali are outstanding. You might turn up the romance or indulge in water sports; you’re destined to have the time of your life in Bali!

2. Denver
If you believe Colorado to be expensive for traveling, you need to give Denver a fair chance. It is also famously known as the Mile High City. Denver is a travel destination like no other; rich culture, 300 summer days, natural wonders and so much more! The natural beauty of the city can be explored by visiting the alpine pastures of Mount Evans. A large variety of wildlife along with the spectacular landscape makes it a picturesque destination. Denver is also famous for its Museum of Nature and Science. There is no better place to explore the prehistoric times, Ice Age and some special collection of artifacts. The Denver Center for Performing Arts is the perfect place for an engaging night out. The breath taking Botanical Gardens would leave you in awe because of the magical variety of its flora and fauna. Denver’s Zoo is also loved by tourists around the globe.

3. Egypt
The uncertain safety conditions of Egypt might come in the way. Despite that, Egypt is a unique travel destination and ideal if you’re traveling in a budget. This oldest tourist destination has so much to offer to travelers. Whether you remember it for its civilization, Giza pyramids, Nile or the camels, exploring Egypt is surely magical! Although there is a lot to explore, you can’t leave the country without traveling to some of its most famous attractions. Among them, the Pyramids of Giza take the lead. The pyramids took three generations to get constructed, and it is no surprise that they’ve been listed as one of the wonders of the world. Moving on, Karnak is another favorite. Even when they’re ruined beyond repair, they are still the largest religious site to ever get constructed. Once in the country, it is a delight to experience the River Nile Cruise. Who doesn’t know about the grand tombs of Egypt? Head to the Valley of the Kings to explore these majestic tombs built ages back.

Top photography tips for your next Ugandan gorilla safari

One of the most important things to think about when on safari is capturing those special moments so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Having the right camera is essential for taking perfect pictures; however, having the right skills and knowledge of photography is even more important. Even those new to taking photographs can capture wonderful images with a little forward planning and preparation.


Image Credit

Getting close to the gorillas is a special experience and one that everyone will want to treasure; therefore, preparing for the photographic experience is vital. Every photographer experiences frustration at some point and this can happen when dealing with gorillas – they can turn at the wrong moment or come close at unexpected times. The secret is to prepare to deal with any photographic challenge.

Gorilla safaris

The best places to go to see mountain gorillas are Uganda and Rwanda, while Congo is the best place for lowland gorillas. These places have the most developed tourism industries and are better choices for those looking for photographic opportunities.

You need to hike through the terrain to get close enough, and sightings are never guaranteed. Most Uganda gorilla trekking experiences from safari holiday specialists such as start from base camps. Travellers hike together for up to 12 hours across difficult terrain; therefore, you need to be fit and healthy to go on gorilla safaris.

The photography experience

There are many ways to improve your wildlife photography, such as creating an emotional connection by portraying a relationship between your subjects, telling a story, balancing composition and contrast, and capturing something original. The guides will advise you to stay five to 30 feet from the gorillas and it is best to take one camera and one lens. The ideal camera for gorilla safari is one that is lightweight, has autofocus, and performs well in low light.

Your choice of destination also affects your photography. Rwanda may offer the best chance of strong sightings but the experience can be more expensive and feels more ‘touristy’. Uganda can offer a lower-cost option but the trekking can be tougher and the thick bush can be hard to photograph around. Congo has flatter terrain and is easier physically; however, photographing the gorillas can be harder, as they are less used to people invading their space.

Enjoy the Trip with China’s Private Tour Service

If you are still in the search for a better destination to visit on your next vacation, you can stop now as you can decide on taking a trip to China. China is rich in cultural values both in its physical manifestation and philosophical views. Going for a China vacation will never be a wrong choice, to be honest. If you’re interested, you can either go alone on your own or use a third party’s help to make everything easier. Going alone means you have to learn and prepare everything beforehand to assure your comfort while traveling. If that’s what makes you thrilled, then go for it.

But if you are just too tired to do it all, you can order a tour packaged online and enjoy the show. Private China Trips will provide you with an exclusive feeling when enjoying the sceneries and objects located there. Some travel agents go as far as guaranteeing that you will only get the best of trips and foods during your stay. Some will even promise that you could get your money back had the trip not been up to what they sell you for.

But what is even more interesting is the fact that the tour packages come in varieties of options, based on the period of days. There may be a package that offers you an 8-day course of trips, or maybe 10- and 12-day. With the availability of these options, you can make your vacation flexible and maximize the experience accordingly.

Airfreight Air Service Key West offers flights between Key West

 Marathon and the Florida Keys in the United States, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. It has exceptional qualities of thing; visibility and reliability are not older from other resorts aircraft that offered in other charter operation. Short takeoff and landing excellent maneuverability allows it safe in many small areas to operate inaccessible by other airplanes aviation and is ideal for traveling about 400 nautical miles.

Miami to Key West air  transport service for twin-engine aircraft to / from Key West, Marathon and all commercial airports in the continent. Letter-demand services throughout the Southeast. Air Adventure attraction is the most exciting Key West with a visit of only $ 69 per person! Get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful waters of Key West, wild animals such as sea turtles, dolphins and stingrays, and see parts of the island, which can be reached only by air and sea. If you kill an afternoon, or simply to visit only on a cruise for a few hours, a visit that suits your time and budget! If you are a first time traveler or a seasoned pilot, all our tours are fun, family and guarantees a smile to put on your face! 🙂

The great charm of  Train Tours in Key West is at the end of the road – literally. There is only one road or a scenic island, so you know that everyone wants to be really there. This southern island of Florida, attracted in recent years, artists and tourists lazy relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, clear water and spectacular natural local island a trip to Miami can take a budget cooking. Planning time,it provides specialized research; people find many different airlines at once to find cheap flights from Miami. Miami International Airport is eight miles from downtown Miami on 21 Street NW. The airport is served by 44 airlines, including Alaska Airlines, American, Delta and United Airlines, has reservations for most airlines in this airport.

Looking for a flight Miami Key West. Then take a look at the flight schedule and travel from a wide variety of national, like American Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, Air Berlin, Iberia and WestJet for your flight booking airlines. There are 112 weekly flights always from Miami to Key West. The flight from Miami to Key West is 9:38, the American Airlines AA 4244th The last flight from Miami to Key West is the is at 21:36, which is sure to find IB 4432, best deals and cheap flights MIA to EYW.

Travel with SpiceJet Airlines for a Comfortable Flying Experience

SpiceJet, one of the top low-cost carriers (LCCs) in India, is headquartered at Gurgaon, Haryana. It ranks at the fourth position in the Indian domestic aviation industry in terms of market share and passengers carried. Established in 2005, this airline has its primary hubs at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad; Chennai International Airport, Chennai and Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. Its secondary hub is at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. This LCC has a mixed fleet of Airbus, Bombardier and Boeing aircraft, totalling up to 41. It operates to both domestic (34) and international destinations (8) with more than 290 daily flights. Its international destinations are Dubai, Male, Sharjah, Bangkok, Muscat, Colombo, Riyadh and Kabul. If you wish to fly any of these destinations with SpiceJet Airlines, then visit the website of leading online travel agencies to do so with ease.

Fantastic Services


This airline, besides offering excellent ground and in-flight services, is known for its various other services as well like SpiceMax, Bag-Out-First, Carry More Onboard and Priority Check-in.


With a small fee of INR 500 to INR 1000 (depending on the length of the flight), passengers can enjoy priority boarding, priority baggage handling, priority check-in, complimentary meal and extra legroom onboard courtesy SpiceMax. Booking for this service can be done during the time of ticket reservation. SpiceMax seats can be purchased up to 3 hours prior to intercontinental journeys and 1 hour prior to domestic ones.

In its Boeing aircraft, the airline has SpiceMax seats in the first 5 rows, offering 6 inches of extra legroom while in the Bombardier, these seats are available in the first row. Its terms and conditions state that once booked, SpiceMax seats cannot be cancelled. Also, these are offered subject to availability.

Carry More Onboard

Under this scheme, passengers can carry up to additional 5 kg baggage both on domestic and international flights by paying INR 300/kg during airport check-in or INR 250/kg while online booking. This is in addition to the 7 kg free cabin baggage allowance. The dimensions of the bags cannot exceed the limit of 115 cm in case of a Boeing aircraft and 108 cm in case of a Bombardier.


Priority Check-in

This service can be availed latest up to 2 hours prior to the time of flight departure. The price for this service for flights within India or originating from India is INR 200 and while for those originating from out of India, it is INR 300. Passengers availing this service though are required to check-in at the airport counter. In case of cancellation of the ticket either by the airline or the passenger, this fee is likely to be refunded.



At a nominal cost of INR 100/bag, this service can be availed, which ensures that your baggage is delivered to you on priority. This service can be purchased latest up to 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Currently, it is available only to passengers flying within India.

So if you have travel plans with your family within India or to destinations that SpiceJet caters, then you can avail these pre-paid services while flight booking to make your journey comfortable and hassle free.

How to Spend a “Me” Day at Niagara Falls

Traveling to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls for a week or at least several days with your family will prove one of the best vacation experiences you’ve ever had. However, if you’re usually a harried parent at home, your spouse or traveling companion might be willing to take the kids on his own for a day around the Falls so you can stay back at the hotel and plan a day of relaxation. Unwind with one of the most beautiful sights on the continent out your window.
Spa Services
Stay at Sheraton On The Falls and sign up for spa services. Enjoy a massage, a facial or a bath looking right onto the wondrous Falls outside of the spa. The scent, the sights, and the sounds in the spa combine to make all of the tension in your muscles melt away. Schedule an appointment after a good workout in the Sheraton gym or skip the exercise for a day and just lay back and rest.
At the Sheraton, you can swim indoors year-round right next to a window overlooking the Falls. If the weather is nice, soak in some rays by swimming on the rooftop outdoor pool. You’ll hear the soothing sounds of the Falls nearby. You’ve never experienced something quite like it.
Room Service or Fine Dining
Indulge in a meal in your room overlooking the Falls. You won’t even have to get out of your robe or pajamas to enjoy some of the best cooking you’ve ever had. If you do feel like getting dressed, you might make your way to one of the restaurants or bars in or near the hotel that also offers views of the natural wonder nearby.
Go Shopping
There are plenty of stores in the Niagara Falls area, but if you don’t have the time or desire to leave the hotel, the Sheraton offers a shopping concourse on the lobby level. Get all your souvenirs and pick up any travel amenities you may have forgotten without having to leave the hotel.
Make sure you get out there to enjoy the best activities the Niagara Falls area has to offer with your kids at some point during the trip. But don’t feel guilty about taking a “me” day or even just a “me” morning, afternoon or evening while you’re there. Feel your stress melt away when you participate in some activities just for you.

Enjoy Weekend Getaway with The Best Hotel

travel websitesWeekend is coming! So, what’s your planning on weekend? Most of people like to spend it by traveling as the healing time. When you are busy working on weekdays, you need some sweet escape. Indonesia has lots of big cities with so many wonderful attractions so; it is good for you to spend your time in one of the cities. Now, you do not have to worry to look for hotel to stay in the city you visit. You can get a help from travel websites. Here you can get booking rooms hotels online in easy and quick way to make your weekend so memorable.

In travel websites in internet, you can find so many lists of hotels in the city you visit. All the hotels in most of big cities in Indonesia are available so do not worry. The reason why you should have it as your travel preparation is you will have so many advantages. The first one, it is exactly the process of how to find the best hotel of the city. You can just set the date on the web page in the first day you check in until you check out. In addition, you need to put what the city is.

The list of hotels will come out in minutes so you can just select the best one. One thing that makes travel websites comes different from others is about the price. It helps you find the best hotel with the best deal as well. You can even compare the price with the others and it is very competitive. Moreover, it always has you a promotion like the coupon that you can use as the discount hotel. Well, this is very advantageous to have a holiday with travel websites in internet. Once the hotels come out on the screen, then you can see the amenities offered by the hotel.

It has detail information about the hotel that you search such as the facilities and the picture of the hotel rooms. In addition, sometimes you can also see the review given by those who already experience staying in hotel. When they like to put good comments, then it means that it is highly recommended. Hence, your holiday will be totally fun. It comes perfect when you already find the best place to stay. There is nothing to worry about booking the hotel as you can find it on travel websites with many special offers there.

How Low Gas Prices Can Mean More Affordable Vacationing

What could you do with $2? You might not think you could get far, but with gas prices lower than they have been in years – easily $2 less per gallon than they were not too long ago – you can take the vacation you’ve been putting off because you can’t afford it. Stop making excuses and plan a trip this year. Thanks to low gas prices, you’ll save on so many aspects of the trip.

Get an RV

Buy a motorhome like a roomy GayleklineRV and you’ll save not only on airfare but on all hotel costs, too. You’ll even save on food, as you won’t have to eat out for every meal because you can cook right inside the RV. Plus, the best RVs are fuel efficient, so you won’t be spending much more than you would traveling by car – and since you’ll save on hotel and food costs, it winds up being cheaper to travel by motorhome.

Go Fatrher

Since gas is $2 less per gallon, you can afford to travel farther than you normally would. If normally you’d travel a day or so and head back after exploring the area less than a day’s travel away, now you can justify crossing states or even country borders to see places you’ve never visited before. Visit friends who live far away whom you don’t often see. Go to national monuments several days’ worth of driving away. There are no limits when your gas budget gets you farther.

Traveling Together: Split the Costs

When it costs less to travel, it’s even more cheaper than ever if you travel with another couple, another family or a group of friends and agree to split the costs. For example, if you all travel in an RV, you won’t have to take multiple vehicles, so there will only be one gas bill to split. You won’t each have your own hotel room bills, either, as many RVs can fit as many as six (or even more) travelers comfortably overnight. Low gas prices means a low overall vacation cost, which means you’re more likely to attract more travelers to split the cost with you.

Take advantage of low gas prices before they start climbing back up and travel across the country or even the continent. Whether you travel with kids or grandkids, just your partner or a group of friends, it’s still cheaper to travel now than it has been for a while, largely thanks to lower gas prices. No more excuses; it’s time to hit the open road.

Feeling so Lonely in Belgium? No More Starting from Now!

Antwerp, BelgiumDo you want to have such a great holiday in your free time? Why do you want to have such a great holiday? When we are very busy with our business, we commonly will feel so tired during the days. The tiring days will make you have such tiring activities to do also. Of course, when you do not have the time for your refreshing, you will feel depressed with your daily works. Of course, you do not want to face this kind of condition, right? When you have the occasion to escape for a while, just do it.

When you have the time for your holiday time, make sure that you can prepare it well. There will be many interesting places that you can visit during your days. You need to make sure that you can choose which one is your destination. The destination will determine everything, including for the time and the budgeting also. Where is your destination for your holiday? Do you want to have such a great holiday that will impress you? Well, maybe Europe will be one of the best choices that you can choose for your destination.

There are many interesting places that you can visit in this place. Please make sure that you can prepare all of the things prepared for the holiday well when you decide to visit Europe. If you want to visit Belgium, you will be offered with some interesting places here. Besides, you will also feel so wonderful during your visitation in Belgium. If you feel so lonely during your time in Belgium, never worry about that. You can have the best lady for accompanying you during your time in this place. If you are feeling so confused where you can find the best lady, you can click

. Happy holiday!

Qualities And Features You Should Look

Going on an out-of-town or country vacation can rarely be a cheap endeavor. Air flight tickets or gas expenses can already eat up a chunk of the money you allotted for this trip. A lot of money can also go into various food or dining expenses as well. Of course, you will also have to spend a lot of money into the hotel room or accommodation where you and your family or trip buddies will stay during your vacation.

There is no escaping the fact that your chosen accommodation will be one of the biggest expenses that you will have to prepare for when you go on a vacation. As such, it is important to make sure that every penny you spend on your selected accommodation is worth it. And you can do this by making sure that you choose a hotel that has the right qualities and features.

The best hotel does not only boast of a grand lobby, beautifully landscaped garden, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and spacious rooms with a complete functioning entertainment system. There are other key qualities and features that you should look for a good hotel worth checking into. These include the following:

Warm and genuine staff reception and treatment – The best hotels have employees that exude sincere kindness, cheerfulness, and warmth. In short, everyone that works in the hotel, from the front desk to the concierge and housekeeping, should make all their guests feel comfortable and important throughout their stay. And as a guest, you should feel the genuine warmth and kindness of the staff and not because they are paid to be hospitable to you.

Properly appointed rooms or suites that meet your specific requirements – Today, the best hotels make sure that you are assigned to exactly the kind of room you requested for. They make sure you will stay in the room class or category and in the location (floor, proximity to elevators, etc.) you requested for. A good hotel should offer more than just a bed, bathroom, and TV set as well – it should provide distinctive accents and amenities that help you experience the local flavor. As such, hospitality consultants say that best hotels today should have rooms and suites that showcase high-quality bath and beauty products, and a basket of local treats like snacks and other goodies. They should also have ample drawer and closet space, a safe, hangers, free bottled water, robes and slippers.

Everything is clean and orderly – The best hotels are always clean. The rooms, dining halls, washrooms, and every facility should always be clean and in order. The housekeeping staff should always spend sufficient time to clean your room thoroughly as well.

Simple and easy booking – Lastly, whether you book a hotel online, on the phone, or through a travel agent, everything should be a simple process. It should be easy for you to contact a knowledgeable, helpful person if you have questions, changes to your initial booking, or some specific requests.